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We had the best agents working for us, Michelle Lutz and her awesome daughter Tynisha Lutz. The bent over backwards to help us get our home sold and get us into our new home as well. We live in Tremonton so the drive is far but they did it several times a week and sometimes last minute so we could go look at a showing. The homes were selling so quickly here we didn't have a lot of time to wait. On the selling side, Michelle was great with her knowledge of the market and where our numbers should be. She's a straight shooter and will give you the real number of what to expect. Not try and fluff you up for something that may never happen. When negotiations began and contracts were being written, she was right on top of it. She will fight for you. I trust her 100%. The same was for the buying of the other home, she did not allow anything into the contract that shouldn't be there. The best part... When it came to moving day, I was not able to help. I had shoulder surgery the week before and was told not to lift. Michelle and her husband let us use their trailer which was such a huge help, I also had a uhaul but only my family and few other friends from our ward to help fill it. Upon hearing about this, Michelle said she was coming up to help. And she did. She kept getting after me along with my wife, to not lift and just make sure it gets out in the right place. In the end Michelle and Tynisha weren't just working for us, they were working with us and now after it's all said and done they're our friends. I recommend Tynisha Lutz or Michelle Lutz for any of your real estate needs, I know with 100% assurety they will work just as hard for you as they did for me.

Houston Stinson