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I recently purchased a home. Colby Jones @ RANlife was my mortgage counselor . I was impressed with Colby’s dedication to help get my loan approved and processed . He went the extra mile to see that my budget concerns were met. He found ways to help me save money and also get my interest rate down. Colby and Ranlife not only want to help you get a mortgage loan, but are there to make it a pleasant experience and get a customer for life. As you know, when applying for a loan, there is a 30 day period where that interest rate is locked in. And Colby put forth effort to make sure we didn’t go outside of those perimeters. Would I recommend Colby Jones and Ranlife? Indeed I would. The entire staff at Ranlife was great to work with. Thank you Lester

Helping RANLife Agent

Colby Jones

Loan Officer

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