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We wanted to take a moment and let you know what an amazing.. ...A M A Z I N G...guy you have in Alex. He was thorough with all that needed to be requested, filed, answered, and addressed. I (Rob) have never been through the lending process before and Alex helped to set my mind at ease on multiple occasions. I'm a rather private person and don't do well with sharing my personal information but Alex was very thoughtful and caring in his approach to our situation. Miss Wendy, who has been through this in the past, says that Alex was very attentive to our needs and if he didn't have answers he would diligently seek out a satisfactory answer. We both agree that Alex's approach and his level of professionalism felt more like building blocks of a lasting relationship with people you would trust to do repeat business rather a simple one time point of sale contact between client/cashier . Alex is a great asset to your business. The trust we have in your company is because of Alex Meyer. You would be wise to promote him and give him a well deserved, and substantial, pay increase. Perhaps make him a department head or even a regional director. We apologize for the delay in responding to the questionnaire email but we have been busy moving into our new home. Thank you for your time. Thank you for having Alex be part of our amazing experience.

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Alex Myers

Loan Officer

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