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As someone who handles all my own deals for Real Estate to save the costs associated with representation I have been SO thankful for Desiree'! She truly works hard for her clients. She worked for every single penny and should have earned more. She got us TOP DOLLAR - well above asking price and all the preferences we could have wanted with the sell of our home, all while honoring and doing good to the buyer and buyer's agent as well. She gave until it hurt to be sure the purchase of our new home went well. The seller of our home really had some things she had to work around and she did so with class, integrity, truth, and professionalism. She was our advocate through and through. In this business you tend to find either weakness or cut throat work. You will find neither with Desiree'. She is capable and kind, strong and honest! I have always been comfortable doing my own deals buying/selling but did not have the time or the bandwidth to do so this time and went with Desiree', I may never do my own again! If it isn't broken don't fix it! :) Thanks Desiree!

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