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A home purchase is the toughest - and most stressful commitment you'll make because it is always adversarial. You want something at a price and the person selling it wants something at a different price. How are you going to meet and agree, especially if your personality isn't 'built' for such things? Well, if you're lucky, you'll have Missy Hansen by your side to get you through. Things get emotional - Missy is there to keep you focused and breathing. Things get ugly - Missy is there to fight for you. Things happen outside of 'office hours' - Missy doesn't keep office hours. Real estate is a brutal business but you want a human being to represent you because sometimes that's your only chance to get a deal closed. Missy is an extraordinary human being who will represent you with honestly, reason, kindness and wisdom. My real estate deals would have fallen apart, had it not been for the savvy and the work ethic of Missy Hansen. She was with me every step of the way and I'm so very lucky to have had her on my team.

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