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02/11/2020 Letter of Appreciation To whom it may concern, Gavin Beebe is a Loan Officer and I have been looking for a home loan to purchase my first house. First, I went with quicken loans and had a terrible experience with the first agent. The second agent was very polite and helpful but found out I did not qualify with them!! Right when I was about to give up I got a call from Gavin Beebe. He told me just to hear him out. I thought why not, I have nothing to lose anymore due to not getting accepted through quicken loans. He went over all my info with me. He even asked my permission about everything he was doing... a few days went by and I got a call that gave me hope again. It was Gavin Beebe!! I was so excited and happy to hear that I had a good chance to have my dream come true!! We worked together for several weeks then suddenly I got approved for what I wanted!!!! But there were things that still needed to be fixed or corrected. We currently are still trying to get everything in order but it has been a little over a month and I still get his full attention, still gives me the great advice, and the best help since day one!!!! I thought I found the agent I wanted which was with quicken loans thinking there's no way someone can impress me, with this guy at quicken loans!! I have several people coming in and out where I work that talked a lot about real estate!! I was for sure, I was going to recommend the agent from quicken loans! Since working with Gavin Beebe I have changed my mind!!!! I have now found the best agent and the most understanding agent I have ever spoken to!! I will now always brag about him on how he got me approved!! I will now always mention him in any kind of real estate talk!! Because he makes me feel like I'm the boss!!! I'm the one in charge!!! I have the final say!!! Which is the way it's supposed to be. I gave up hope when he never did!! And now I'll be able to be at home, now that he helped me, my wife, and my newborn. He's going to make my life and my wife's dreams come true and our lives complete. I will now and always recommend Gavin Beebe even if I don't end up getting the loan(cross your fingers)…when I do get approved I'll be asking for GAVIN BEEBE.. Thank you, Timothy R. Payton

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